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.: Design and build with Euroklimat

Our portfolio includes systems for all categories of structures and spaces. We install in commercial, office, public utility, residential, industrial and production buildings and facilities. Our knowledge and experience allow us to optimize solutions designed by private customers and developers. We strive to find systems that secure our customers’ needs while adhering to current installation standards. Our solutions are designed to avoid unnecessary initial and maintenance costs.

.: Installation

We build:
.: HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems
.: Water and sewage installations
.: Electrical installations
.: Equipment control and automation systems

We put at your disposal an engineering and fitting workforce of over one hundred. Our employees are constantly learning new solutions and receive continuous training from HVAC equipment manufacturers from all round the globe. We operate country-wide and have offices in Poznań, Wrocław, Gdańsk and Warsaw. The company is structured in a straightforward and transparent fashion, which ensures that our services are delivered smoothly and in a timely fashion.

.: Design

We treat each project individually and try to fit appropriate energy-efficient equipment to the customer’s needs. In order to stay environmentally friendly, our designs always conform to current regulations. When technical challenges occur we offer innovative and modern custom solutions. Our highly professional technical consultants work to reduce investment and maintenance costs.

.: Support

Our services include guarantee repairs, equipment maintenance and activation of complex cooling, heating and ventilation systems. As air conditioning experts we have been consistently broadening our service portfolio. We perform periodical inspections of all types of installations, from mini split systems, through central air conditioning systems, to massive chilled-water installations serving industrial facilities. We provide round-the-clock online monitoring and emergency support crews.

.: Production

We operate an in-house sheet metal workshop in order to prefabricate custom ventilation ducts and fittings. This allows us to implement complex systems independently and at very competitive prices.