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is a general contractor for sanitary installations. We provide fitting, maintenance and design services, as well as exceptional guarantee and post-guarantee support in collaboration with the world’s leading manufacturers of air conditioning, cooling and ventilation equipment. In-house prefabrication of ducts and fittings allows us to offer competitive prices and installation times. Wherever possible, we try to offer cutting edge solutions to increase reliability and energy savings.

Central to our success has always been our top-notch engineering team. Their expertise allows us to offer optimal solutions of innovative and modern nature. Our ranks also include a highly specialized fitter workforce with appropriate training in installation and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Our company was founded in 1998 and initially focused on installation of air conditioning, cooling and ventilation systems. To provide more comprehensive service, we extended our activity to include design and later developed the support department to handle guarantee repairs, equipment maintenance and activation of particularly complex cooling systems.